Why Organic?

Our is in Organics
We believe in respecting our bodies and our planet.
By choosing organic, you’re doing both.

Our Body:

We believe that nutrition directly affects our quality of life and our level of health. What we put into our bodies is an important part of preventative medicine. Making good food choices not only makes you feel better but has a long term effect on your overall health. Organic produce is free of pesticides, and organic meat and poultry are free of growth hormones. Organic food processing prohibits irradiation, genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) and synthetic preservatives. By choosing organic we are protecting our bodies from exposure to these practices.

Our Planet:

We believe how food is produced is an important factor in our environmental quality. Organic agriculture promotes the use of renewable resources and preserves soil, water and air quality. Organic farming contributes to the conservation of species and their natural habitats. Livestock is treated humanely and are provided living conditions that accommodate their health and natural behavior. They have outdoor access, exposure to fresh air, and are fed only organically grown feed. The more we demand organics, the more land will be dedicated to organic farming and the closer we will get to restoring balance in the eco-system.

Tre Bella is a member of the Organic Trade Association
For more info about organics, please visit www.ota.com